Mil-Spec Webbing


All Webbing Sold by the Yard. Color matching is important to us. Expect colors to match with variation only due to material differences. Scroll down for Product Description!

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Our Mil-Spec webbing is a strong and durable type of Nylon & Nylon-Elastic.

This is the product we have been using for two years on the Litepath & Outdoorsman Chest Holsters. We’re stocking both the Nylon Mil-Spec 17337 & the Elastic Mil-Spec 5664.  1 inch on the Medium Weight Nylon webbing. 1 inch & 1.5 inch on the Elastic 5664 Mil-Spec Webbing.

This type of Mil-Spec Webbing is commonly used in making rifle slings, sports products, pet leashes and collars, backpack and luggage straps, and safety belts.  We understand the craft thing that lots of folks enjoy doing hence us selling this wonderful product.

Our 1.5 inch Wide Woven Nylon-Elastic Webbing is Mil-Spec Mill-W-5664 Type 2 Class 1, Berry Compliant (Made in USA). High quality elastic with about 50% stretch. Woven polyester-elastic webbing is a multi-purpose elastic material which is thicker and stronger than regular braided and knit elastic, commonly used for suspenders and belts. Requires 3 to 6 lbs force to Produce 50% Elongation.

This Elastic Webbing is no joke. It works and works well. It’s not like the elastic you get to put in clothes and so forth. This is like you find in MOLLE gear, Backpacks and the like.

Colors are Black, Coyote #498, Foliage, And Multicam.

Shipping is a flat $5 rate. This rate covers; 1″ Nylon Webbing up to 30 yds., 1″ Elastic Webbing up to 15 yds., and 1 1/2″ Elastic Webbing up to 10 yds.; Only.
For larger amounts expect to be billed extra to cover shipping costs.

Have a need for large amounts; contact us!


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