Mil-Spec Webbing

Mil-Spec Webbing

2A Holster is now selling Mil-Spec Webbing.
Same Webbing I use in the Chest Holsters anyone can now by by the yard.
Bonus is, I have it cheaper by the yard than anywhere else on the Internet.
You can buy the MultiCam Cheaper at one shop, but I’ve seen that stuff and it ain’t real (TM) Multicam AND you have to buy it by the roll @ 25 yds.

The Black, the Coyote and the Foliage is all cheaper right at 2A Holster; talking $1 per yard for 1 ” and $1.5 for 1 1/2 inch kinda cheap.
And as usual with Me/2Aholster you can be sure of this genuine Mil-Spec And in this case, color matching too.

I just ponied up some green for 3000 yds of Color Controlled dying for the Coyote.

So, please. Remember me for your projects and tell a friend or two.

I’ll have hardware up in a day or two as well for this webbing.

Survival Puck is Here!

Survival Pucks, Tins for survival

Yay! Our New Survival Pucks Arrived.

My Wife had just found these a couple weeks ago and I finally found time to get in touch with the Owner of Survival Puck. Turns out he’s a great guy and he definitely has a great product there.

Fast Forward two weeks and Ka-Zing. We got ’em in the Store now.  Find them >here<

Take time to check out these great Pucks. 6 to choose from, and lots of details on the pieces inside each one.  Lots of people make or have made similar things for themselves or to sell. I like these. I like them for their simplicity, well organized and thought-out. And Frank, the Owner of Survival Puck isn’t resting on his laurels. He has changes planned and is open to suggestions.

Sounds like a winning combo to me!


The Mini-Ninja

We have a new product coming in the next few weeks.  It’s called the Mini-ninja. It is a chest holster designed specifically for smaller weapons and smaller people. Of course you don’t have to be small to appreciate it’s small profile. . . .Stay Tuned!



Chest Holster

Chest holster customer video review.

So I recently ran a little Video Review Contest on Facebook. plenty of folks contacted me about it, most saying they were camera shy and so forth. I don’t blame them. It is pretty hard to stand up in front of a camera and do anything if you’re the center of attention.

All that said, My Contest Winner knocked it outta the park with his video review. He has been an early supporter of 2A holster AND of the Chest Holster. He took the tough job of trying out the ‘chesty’ long before it was  ready for the masses.

Thank you James G. for a damn fine Review Sir!


<-Click the photo for James’s Video Review

Using Heat to adjust your Kydex Holster

Over time I’ve had a few folks contact me with holsters that were too tight, too loose or some other issue. I was told there were lots of videos out on YT to help folks with this. When I looked I didn’t find much; and nothing that hit my marks for being helpful.

The below video is longer than I like to make. Most folks that have watched my videos know I don’t like to waist your time and I prefer short videos.

All that said, hopefully this one hits the mark for being helpful and informative about how to go about adjusting your kydex gun holster.

Carry of the Litepath Chest Holster

The litepath Chest Holster is a hot commodity right now and I expect that trend to continue.

Many people see this holster and know immediately how it can serve them in their daily carry. Not sure of the numbers, but a modicum of people contact me about the ‘chesty’ (slang for the Chest Holster), and ask about conceal-ability. Most it seems feel that muzzle down would be best.

There really is no “correct” carry for the Chesty. There is a best way to carry it for conceal ability. A best way to Carry for Hunting, Bike Riding, Four Wheeling, etc. Lots of applications, lots of ways to carry.

I made this impromptu Video On Inauguration Day, Friday January 20th just after returning from town. A bit of Show and Tell.



What informs you?


What informs my work is likely similar to what informs yours. I like to think that each and every thing I’ve experienced informs me daily.

My ten years spent in the U.S. Navy as an engineman, the 14 yrs. I operated and owned an automotive garage. My ten years as an ICU nurse. And certainly the time spent working with photo/video.


Take the above photo. A pattern I worked out over 3 years ago for Magazine Carriers that could be easily put on or taken off the belt. That ability to pattern make comes directly from a 7th grade class in Sheet Metal Welding. Pattern making was a component part of that class. We had to make a pattern of a funnel and then solder it up into a working tool. I remember it well due to my being surprised at how a funnel is shaped when you lay it out flat.


In the above photo my Pancake design is informed by the time I spent as a Nurse. The human body is round-ish not square. It seemed fitting that a product made to fit around your body instead of just hanging onto the side was the way to go. We come in different shapes and sizes, ergo so do my pancakes.

The same with the first photo in this posting. The finger relief/cutaway I do on the Litepath Chest Holster, the Pancake, IWB, etc., all are informed by the size you choose in the drop downs. Based on your Chest size/waist size, etc. I can pretty much figure out how much room I need to have for your fingers to grab the weapon and not pinch you when you draw or reholster.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my customers. Reason is is because they inform me all the time. I cannot think of a product I sell that hasn’t been either designed (idea-wise) or changed by input from customers. Sometimes they say nothing, but send a photo. And based on the photo I see something that sticks out to me as a better idea or alternate idea. So yeah, like I say all the time; my Customers are my business!

Now, all of this is no great secret. It’s certainly not like I’m a special snowflake here. I just happen to appreciate the history of what informs my daily bread in the holster making world.


Kydex & holster questions & answers

I had an interesting e-mail conversation the other week.  A customer wrote to me asking about my Stick-Up! Car holster. He needed to know if the suction cups would stick to leather in his late model Ford. I had no idea, so I shipped one off to him to try (they do!).

As our conversation continued, I’m being asked about all sorts of things related to the holster and it’s options. What is the velvet liner for? And what is the ‘light’ option? And finally ( in his words), “I also just now realised the mount is made out of kydex lol. Is kydex a flexible material like leather? Or is it hard like plastic?”

minimum measurements between cups
minimum measurements between cups

I sorta knew when we got to the light question that my customer was a newcomer to the world of holsters AND guns. And then the question about kydex sealed the deal.

Before you laugh and think, “Oh, what a dummy!” I’ll go ahead and remind you that everyone has a starting point. Mine wasn’t that long ago (2+years) itself.

Some of my answers follow: “The Light option is for people that have equipped their weapons with lights, such as you see in the drop downs ( re; Stick-Up! page): TLR-1, 2, etc. Personally, We use lights on our (Home Defense) long weapons and not on our handguns. Yet I have U.S. Marshal’s and all sorts of other people that do keep lights on their handguns; On duty or off.

“The lining is something I recommend for quiet. For instance, I use a lined one beside my bed. Other than that, there is no reason to $pring for the lining. However if you do want a lining, I also have some nice leather I’d do for the same money. I keep leather, but don’t really advertise it. The velvet or liner will not make it more snug. Leather would though, which is why I don’t actually offer it inside of any holster (other than a Stick-Up!). I tried it early on thinking it would help prevent finish damage on guns and found that the draw of the gun from the holster was just slow comparatively.”

And finally the kydex. “Kydex is “like” a plastic. You ever air travel? If so you’ve been surrounded by kydex. It comes from the airline industry and it’s what the doors of overhead bins are made from. It has a bunch of unique properties, such as a very high melt temperature and flash point is way high. Also it emits very little gases up to flash point. (Rockwell hardness @ 90 for scratch resistence) If you’re anywhere near a gun store, go by and ask if they have any kydex holsters. Check it out.”

We never know when we’ll encounter a new-comer. Let’s make sure we welcome them all!



Hands on Review from Retired Army Special Forces (Green Beret) Officer

I recently bought some gear from and wanted to share some thoughts. I will post a pic and then some thoughts.This is the same holster, just with and without the sweatguard. It is for a Kimber TLE II RL with a TLR-3 light, straight cant, right side OWB.The fit and finish is very professional and top notch. The black on “pick your color” is very cool. The kydex is very thick and well finished, no scratches or melt marks anywhere. It holds this all steel 1911 with a light very tight to the body. A great piece of kit.Just pull out these tabs and slide them over your belt. easy on and easy off.

Perhaps one of the best features is this easy on and off belt clip that allows easy placement and removal. It is used for all of the kit, mag pouches etc and solves one of my biggest bitches about holsters and mag pouches.
The Universal mag pouch is a pure stroke of genius. The tension screw is simple but effective and this pouch holds my G 36 mags and my G 21 mags. The shorter mags seem to sink down below the belt loops, but a proper “sweep the belt” reload solves this. Again fit and finish are perfect.

The rifle mag carriers has yet to see the range, unlike his sidearm brethren, but it is universal as well, both left and right and holds my 5.56, 6.8 and 7.62 x 39 AR mags.Customer service was topnotch and I didn’t have to wait a bajillion years. The pricing is surprisingly low for the quality you get. Go to and pick up some of this great kit.

(Too man pictures to add a smiley)

Link to OP